Lovely Landscape Installations, SNWA Conversions, and Artificial Turf in Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Cenntenial, NV

Being SNWA Certified isn’t the ONLY thing we are famous for!

Clean & Green is a contracted company that works with the State of Nevada to convert all lawns to nonfunctional grass by 2026! With how our climate works, poor installations are killing our trees. We all know how vital trees are! Clean & Green is a certified business that is qualified to convert lawns to protect the state and the planet. Clear communication and honesty help gets us closer to our goal. Four years isn’t a lot of time, but we strive to get it done!

We do all the installation for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We are quality installers, and we are also certified, so we have a reputation to uphold. Natural grass takes up too much, and we value every drop. Clean & Green is the company taking the lead in nonfunctional grass! We are a trustworthy company with our community’s health and our clients’ needs as our top priorities. Nevada is our home, and we want to protect it and keep the desert healthy.

Even with cooling methods, living in the desert makes turf too hot to walk on. It’s too hot. That’s why cheap installations are so awful, increasing the heat. The rise in the temperature makes the water even more valuable and our trees more vulnerable. We are converting lawns to save our ecosystem and still be able to live harmoniously. It takes more than one company to make a difference. We all have to come together to make a change.

Nevada is a beautiful state, but we work hard to keep the desert strong and healthy. Nonfunctional grass has proven to help reduce temperatures. We are also saving water because clients aren’t watering their lawns anymore. Trees improve our air quality, so we must do all we can as a community to save our beloved trees. Nonfunctional lawns have proved successful, so now it’s up to us to keep doing our part!

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Tell Us More About The Owner

Justin & Patricia Yin, Owners

We are workaholics! That being said, we are a close-knit family of 3. We love spending time with our toddler and each other. Quality time is everything. Being a family and working crazy hours, we are proud of our business’s success with SNWA conversions.

We are a fun family that enjoys going on vacation to the beach. We love the outdoors, so it makes sense we have a landscaping company. Hiking is our passion and allows us to enjoy family quality time! Family is everything to us, so when clients have families, we are very understanding.

We value our professionalism. The quality of work we do and the satisfaction we leave our customers with motivates us to do even better. We are honest with all our clients and open in communication with all we offer. We strive to improve our customer service for each client. We can only grow through our experiences and learning opportunities.

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