Laveshing Landscape Installations, SNWA Conversions, and Artifical Turf in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada, has so many lights that it is considered the Earth’s spotlight! But did you know that “Las Vegas” actually means “The Meadows”? Las Vegas is a large city where you can reach Summerlin going one way and Centennial going the other. There are about four inches of rain per year in Las Vegas. Clean & Green is certified to convert natural grass into nonfunctional grass to help preserve even more water.

What are some of the best services Clean & Green offers in Las Vegas?

Landscape Installation

Clean & Green has partnered up with the state of Nevada to convert natural grass into unfunctional lawns. In doing this, we save our desert from overheating. Rising temperatures are destroying our quality of life. Clean & Green is the perfect team to install your dream landscape. We prevent mistakes from happening, and everyone stays safe. When it comes to the quality of our trees, we take our work very seriously. Our team does all it can to help our clients with their landscaping needs.

Artifical Turf

Clean & Green installs artificial turf correctly and safely. Artificial turf installed incorrectly can release a toxic chemical that is killing trees. Trees are natural air filters, and when they die, our air quality takes a huge hit. Artificial turf is great for homes because it’s practically damage proof, doesn’t require water, and hardly needs any maintenance. Making the perfect lawn to forget about entirely, and you don’t have to worry about it overgrowing. It does get hot, though, so be careful!

SNWA Conversions

The state of Nevada is paying homeowners to rip out natural lawns and replace them with nonfunctional lawns. Unfortunately, there is a formula that the state goes by, giving you the incentive to help the desert. Clean & Green does this safely for you and installs whatever replacement you desire. Clean & Green is the leading company in the SNWA conversions, and we are a trustworthy team that offers a helping hand in giving back to our community. Clean & Green is certified to help with all conversions, no matter how large or what the dimensions are.


Some clients want a different option than artificial turf. Hardscaping is a popular option, and replacing your natural lawn with rocks is cost-efficient. Rocks are still natural. Rocks do not require much in the way of maintenance or irrigation. You still get to preserve your water supply. Hardscaping is a straightforward way to incorporate some of Nevada’s natural beauty into your landscape. Rocks come in all shapes and sizes and many different colors. They add different dimensions because most rocks aren’t in symmetrical shapes or smoothed out, and that adds to their beauty.

Do you still have natural grass? Spending way too much water? Clean & Green is the trustworthy team for you! We help with all landscape installation needs. We can get started with our partnership as soon as you get your free estimate.

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