Wonderful Walkways and Patios in Las Vegas, NV

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Why choose walkways and patios?

The desert is HOT! Patios and walkways offer a safe place to walk and relax. You may not have functional grass to worry about, but the sand can still be too hot to walk on. Clean & Green provides the best services for your needs. We provide the safest procedures.

Why choose Clean &Green?

  • We value being a professional team
  • Honesty and integrity are our foundation
  • We thrive on excellent customer service

Why are walkways important?

Provides safe foot traffic

Walkways keep you safe, not only from the heat but from potential pests and dangers. Not that walkways stop them, but they are more visible if they are on the walkway. Clean & Green are experts when installing walkways, and the designs are entirely up to our clients to decide how they want them. Walkways are helpful, increase home value, and keep your landscape functional.

Prevents erosion

Las Vegas may not get a lot of rainfall, but the wind still carries topsoil away. Walkways prevent erosion from happening. The walkways cover the ground, so the concrete is too heavy to move when the wind picks up. Clean & Green is a trusted team to install your walkways correctly and safely.

Why are patios important?

You have a place to hang out

Patios are great hardscape bases for building outdoor living spaces. Spending time outdoors is healthy and reduces stress. Clean & Green understands how hot Las Vegas, Summerlin, Centennial, and other surrounding locations can get. We provide our expert services to build and install patios for you to increase your motivation to spend time outside. Patios offer a great place to entertain, and there are designs you can add to your outdoor living space to protect it from the sun. First, you need the foundation that patios offer. The stronger the patio, the more functional your landscape will be.

Types of patios

There are unique forms of patios. It all depends on how our clients want the patio to look. Paver patios are the most popular, and They can be pieced together to look like a puzzle. Paver patios add home value and make your home more desirable. Clean & Green installs them correctly, so you don’t have to worry about sliding apart. Concrete is the most robust material to make patios out of. They last the longest, and they are the most cost-efficient. When repairs need to be made, it’s easy to mix concrete and make a new slab. Clean & Green can do this for you, so no mistakes or injuries are endured.

Are you looking for a new look for your backyard? Want to add more natural elements to your landscape and still save water? Clean & Green is the trustworthy team you are seeking! Call Clean & Green, and we will provide you with a free estimate. We handle your needs, so you don’t have to.

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