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What is included in our outdoor living spaces services?

Everyone deserves to have that ‘perfect’ outdoor space they can feel comfortable relaxing in – someplace sturdy and easy on the eyes to take a load off from the day-to-day craziness. Our team can provide you with a space like this, built the way you want, in a style that best fits your needs. First, we evaluate your usable space, help you prepare an accurate design of what you want, and then work to put it all together. Then, you can dress it up however you want, and we’ll be here for any aftercare questions you may have!

Why choose Clean & Green for your landscape services?

  • All of our services are done to the best quality we can offer
  • After 90 days, you get free maintenance past 30K
  • All of our customers agree that we always do the right thing
  • Our team is proud to be a smart water contractor

What does good outdoor living spaces do for your home or property?

Provide safe places for outdoor gatherings

You want you and your guests to feel safe when they come over to hang out outside – all those gatherings you have planned will be more comfortable on a sturdy, flat surface. Our outdoor spaces provide safe spaces that are even to walk or kick back on!

Increase usability of your home

Your landscape has so much usable space – space you may not have even realized it had! When you look at your lawn, you may see a plain yard, but we see endless possibilities when we look at it. Outdoor spaces increase the usability of the existing lawn space!

Less maintenance than a standard lawn

If you have nothing but grass, trees, or landscape beds around your landscape, that maintenance will quickly add up. However, when you have hardscaping done, it limits the number of organic areas to be maintained and reduces cost and labor!

What are some important things to remember about outdoor living spaces?

Uncovered or covered, you name it

The good news about outdoor living spaces is you can make them into almost anything you imagined! A common addition to these spaces is some form of covering, either decorative or other. Pergolas are a beautiful option, as are solid coverings extending from the house.

Furniture makes a difference

It’s impressive how furniture can make all the difference in design; you can transform a regular outdoor space into a heavenly one in no time! Outdoor furniture sales also succeed as the most common furniture category to purchase.

Are you ready to fix up your lawn space? Is your landscape to the point of needing professional help? The team at Clean & Green is ready to make a difference in your landscape – the right way!

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