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Landscape Installations

Your home needs a lawn that matches its curb appeal – a plain grass lawn with some unruly plants isn’t enough! We can add new landscaping to your property that’s beautiful and suits your style.

SNWA Conversions

Nevada is a desert area, so it’s important to do what you can to conserve as much water as possible! We specialize in turning nonfunctional grass into turf to save on excess water that could be going somewhere better.

Artificial Turf

While there are a lot of negative connotations behind artificial turf, where we live, it’s helpful for the environment. Our quality artificial turf doesn’t require using precious water and takes away from the trees!


The greenery isn’t the only addition to your hardscaping that can bring it to life. We offer sturdy hardscape installations that flow well with your lawn and add new dimensions it may have been missing.

Landscape Lighting

many different forms of lovely lighting can illuminate your landscape perfectly to show it off. It also increases safety on your property when you’re walking around at night!

Patios & Walkways

Many different things go hand-in-hand well, with your landscape, patios, and walkways being one of them! They provide a solid place to relax outside while a safe place to walk around.


Your lawn needs the right amount of watering to keep it growing healthy and thick. Our irrigation systems are set to go off at predetermined times to ensure even watering across the property!

Fire Pits

You’d be amazed at how much a hardscaping addition like fire pits can liven up your landscaping. They add more use to your living spaces and give your family more to do together!

Outdoor Living Spaces

Everyone can use some more time outdoors, and outdoor living spaces are a great way to encourage you! They extend the space of your lawn and can come in a wide range of designs!

Landscape Walls

Your landscape may be at risk for things like soil erosion or extra standing water, which is where landscape walls can help! They keep these problems at bay and add more seating space to your lawn.

Seasonal Cleanups

You’ll need to keep up with lawn cleanups to keep them neat and the grass itself healthy. These cleanups should be thorough and done regularly to keep your lawn in good shape!

Lawn Care

Maintaining your landscape isn’t enough to keep it healthy as it should be! Caring for your lawn involves targeting the specific areas of your lawn that need special attention to thrive.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is similar to lawn maintenance because it’s a process of taking care of your lawn. However, we target specific parts that aren’t always as common such as hedges and around water features!

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn means keeping it from becoming overgrown and an eyesore to neighbors. Your grass, trees, and plants need to be trimmed up to keep growing the way they should!