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What is included in our lawn care services?

Your landscape needs more than just maintenance or a watering schedule to stay in great shape – it needs detailed, individualized care. The grass and soil need to be checked, your plants tended to, pests eliminated, and weeds kept under control. Your lawn will only thrive so long without these things; without them, it’ll start to die off and lose its beauty. Our team has the correct equipment and training to target each area specifically and will look over your property to see the most prominent issues and how to handle them!

Why choose Clean & Green for your landscape services?

  • We always do what’s right by our customers
  • Over 30K and past 90 days, you’ll receive free maintenance
  • We’re certified in smart water contracting
  • We always promise to provide high-quality work

What does good lawn care do for your home or property?

Keeps your grass growing healthy or strong

Different forms of lawn care come in the shape of fertilizers, which are meant to increase grass growth and improve soil health. They introduce extra nutrients like nitrogen or phosphorus into the soil that may be missing, which causes the grass to grow faster and more healthy!

Decreases the amount of pests on your property

No one wants to deal with annoying, gross pests on their property – they can ruin your lawn and even make guests or those living in the home sick. However, proper lawn control prevents things like ants, mice, or grubs from settling in, multiplying, or hiding out anywhere amongst your grass or plant beds.

Encourages faster growth of your greenery

It takes a lot of patience and understanding to wait for your landscape to flourish and come to life – especially if you’re making up for damages that have accumulated over time. Fertilizers and other lawn treatments encourage faster growth starting from the roots, giving your lawn the boost it needs!

What are some important things to remember about lawn care?

Chemicals can be dangerous

There’s never a good time to attempt something you don’t know how to do without help or trained guidance. For example, messing with chemicals used for fertilization or pest control can be dangerous to you or others if you aren’t sure what to do!

Too much is damaging to your lawn

Any work you do to your lawn should be in moderation – treatments, trims, pruning, mowing, etc. When applying various chemicals to your property, you mustn’t overuse any; too many chemicals can burn your grass or ruin plants!

Are you unsure of how to accurately care for your lawn? Are you curious about how SNWA conversions work? The team at Clean & Green is ready to make a difference in your landscape – the right way!

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