Lovely Landscaping in Las Vegas

Lovely Water Friendly Landscaping in Las Vegas

What Do We When We Landscape Your Yard?

Landscaping is personal. It’s a way of suiting your home to your taste. For you, that can be installing lovely desert landscaping, trees, & lawn.

Or it could be about creating the perfect outdoor living space and surrounding it with artificial turf.

Regardless of what your vision is, CGL provides it and helps you decide by keeping the critical factors of aesthetics, plant health, water use, and maintenance at the forefront of our design.

Why Hire CGL for Your Landscaping Needs?

At CGL, we live in the community we serve, so when you think about it, our clients aren’t just our customers; they are our neighbors! So we treat each of them with respect and do the same for the environment we all share.

  • Quality – The quality of our work is unmatched. We pay attention to the details and know how it all works together.
  • Professionalism – Always on time. Always reliable.
  • Customer Service – As important as quality work is, it’s not enough if you don’t enjoy working with a company. We treat customers with respect, so you enjoy working with us.
  • Honesty – You can count on CGL to do what we promised every time. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.
  • Ecology – We live in a desert that’s heating up and getting dryer. We keep that in mind for all our landscaping. We have been certified as a water-smart contractor by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Why Do You Need Landscaping Services

Personalizing and Beautifying Your Lovely Home

When visitors arrive at your home, before they come inside, the first thing they see is your yard. We are here to help you make a good first impression.

Every homeowner has different tastes. Our job is to help you to realize your dream yard.

Keeping Your Plants Healthy

Keeping up with your yard isn’t just about aesthetics. Your plants need the care to stay healthy. And every aspect of your home affects every other.

When CGL Is caring for your landscape, we will have the opportunity to catch minor problems early before they become more significant. CGL will monitor changes in your landscapes as we care for them, keeping your trees and plants healthy and watching for plant diseases and erosion.

How Do We Incorporate Water Smart Practices into Our Landscaping?

Installation & Maintenance

As a water-smart contractor, we consider water in everything we do. That’s true whether we’re installing new plants in your yard or converting your grass to artificial turf according to SNWA conversion standards.

There are many ways to do an SNWA conversion, but only some achieve the goal of promoting tree health. When converting your grass, we ensure that your trees get the water they need through irrigation or other methods.


It may be a surprise that irrigation is one of the ways to use water wisely. But when you add an irrigation system to your property, you can use it to ensure your plants get the correct amount of water at the most helpful time for their health.

In addition, irrigation systems can still be necessary after removing turf to ensure that your trees still get the water they need.

We know that you care about your yard, and so do we. However, suppose you’re looking for a company that will treat you, your property, and the environment with respect. In that case, CGL provides landscaping services, including SNWA conversions, landscape design, plant installation, artificial turf, and hardscaping to residents and businesses in Las Vegas.

CGL: Built on Quality

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