Dazzling landscape lighting in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas!

Landscape Lighting

What is included in our landscape lighting services?

Your home deserves to have all the bells and whistles you could want on your landscape – anything that makes it the beautiful piece of art you imagined! With the proper landscape lighting, you can put your lawn on a dazzling display, showing off your favorite parts of your lawn. Not to mention the increase in safety that comes with it! Our team will evaluate where the best placement for these fixtures will be, help you choose which kinds you’d like, then install them with care and precision!

Why choose Clean & Green for your landscape services?

  • Our company strives always to do the right thing for our customers
  • Everything we do is done to our high standards of quality
  • You’ll receive free maintenance after 90 days over 30K
  • Our team recognized as a smart water contractor

What does good landscape lighting do for your home or property?

Accents exactly what you want to be

You should love every part of your landscape, from the grass to the trees and everything in-between. However, there are sure to be certain areas you favor over others. You have the chance to show off these areas all time of the day, even at night!

Extends the use of your lawn

No one wants to feel like they’re limited in what they can do on their property – and after the sun goes down, that’s precisely what can happen. Our landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your landscape under the stars, so you don’t have to go inside yet!

Makes your property safer for all

You don’t want to be walking around your lawn at night and get hurt from a trip-and-fall accident. You also don’t want to risk having intruders lurking where you can’t see them in the shadows! Lighting around your home keeps them away and prevents you from falling in the dark.

What are some important things to remember about landscape lighting?

It’s electricity, meaning there’s risks

While it seems like such a straightforward concept, landscape lighting comes with its share of challenges and dangers. If you don’t handle the wiring with care or knowledge of what you’re doing, it can injure you or others!

There are many possibilities for fixtures

Landscape lighting comes with many options you can choose from, depending on what lighting you need. For example, floodlights, pathway lights, or step lights are great for safety, while uplighting or retaining wall lights are perfect for highlighting those areas you want to show off at night!

Do you want to have a new, fully updated landscape? Are you tired of searching for someone who can help with your lawn concerns? The team at Clean & Green is ready to make a difference in your landscape – the right way!

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