Luxury landscape installations in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas!

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What is included in our landscape installation services?

If you notice your lawn is looking dull, bland, or isn’t up to the standards you want, it may be time for a quality landscape installation to be done! Our team offers a plan of action for what you want to see your lawn look like, the space you have available, and what plants will thrive in your area. Then, we break ground on the project and start transforming your lawn into the work of art you want it to be! You’ll be in the loop the whole time, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with your lawn!

Why choose Clean & Green for your landscape services?

  • We are a certified smart water contractor
  • High-quality work with every service offered
  • Free maintenance 90 days after installation over 30K
  • We do the right thing by all of our customers

What does good landscape installation do for your home or property?

Changes the curb appeal of your home

Your home is your safe space to relax and get away from all the craziness of life. Your home will have an immediate brand new boost to its curb appeal and upgrade the positive aesthetic with proper landscape installation!

Uses the space you have efficiently

Your lawn is only so big, and there’s only so much you can do with it at once. However, one of the perks of landscape installation is that your local landscape team can use the space you have efficiently and create a new space you may not have known before!

Upgrades the value of your home

Your home’s value can make a big difference in today’s age – and many things can affect it, inside and out! For example, if you plan on selling your home eventually, you’re more likely to catch the attention of buyers and get more money with a suitable landscape.

What are some important things to remember about landscape installation?

Make choices according to maintenance

It’s essential to remember that whatever you do to your landscape needs to be maintained and cared for – so make decisions that correlate to your schedule! For example, if you’re a relatively busy bee, plants and a manageable landscape that require less maintenance are the ones for you!

Don’t be afraid of some curves

While it’s easy to try to design a structured, straight landscape around your home, too many straight lines can come off as rigid or unimaginative. However, if you design some of your landscape beds and plant placement to curve and move with the land, it’ll look natural and beautiful!

Are you searching for a better way to upgrade the look of your home? Do you need help getting your landscape into better shape? The team at Clean & Green is ready to make a difference in your landscape – the right way!

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