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How do you benefit from an irrigation system?

Nevada irrigation systems may seem unproductive and wasteful, but the drips go directly to the roots of the plants. Clean & Green is the trusted team to install your irrigation system correctly. So you still don’t have to think too hard about watering your plants, and it’s already happening. Nonetheless, you still need to monitor your plants to make sure they grow correctly and don’t become sick.

Why choose Clean &Green?

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Why is an irrigation system important?

Saves water

Drip irrigation saves water from evaporating and leaving your plants dehydrated. Because the water is going directly to your root systems, you prevent your plants from being overwatered. Overwatering isn’t suitable for your plants anyway; plants can drown just as quickly as they can dry out. Finding that balance is difficult to find, especially in an arid environment. Clean & Green is certified to install the irrigation system, so you don’t have to. By opting for a drip irrigation system, you reduce the amount of water your household consumes every year.

Prevents erosion

Drip irrigation prevents erosion from happening because flooding isn’t happening. With the water dripping to the base of the plant, there’s not enough time or water to allow the plant to flood. Drip irrigation systems allow the soil to remain intact and prevent nutrient runoff. In Nevada, water is life-giving, but trees and other native plants improve the air quality. We need trees and plants to grow safely, making drip irrigation the best installation system.

How do you benefit from an irrigation system?

Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigations are constantly dripping water to keep the root systems moist and growing strong and vibrant. Drips minimize the spread of disease since the water is dripping directly to the root system. Plants need to stay as healthy as possible. The air quality is so poor we need natural air filters. Weeds and pests naturally decrease because there isn’t enough water to provide them. The plants are allowed to soak up all the sunshine for themselves.

Easy to manage

Clean & Green is qualified to install irrigation systems. We install irrigation systems safely, efficiently, and correctly. When we install the system, we follow strict safety protocols so everyone stays safe and the irrigation system doesn’t get damaged. In addition, we ensure our clients receive our excellent service, and we keep our communications open.

Do you have problems with your plants being watered? Want to add more natural elements to your landscape and still save water? Clean & Green is the trustworthy team you are seeking! Call Clean & Green, and we will provide you with a free estimate. We handle your installation needs, so you don’t have to.

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