Humble Hardscaping in Las Vegas, NV

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Why choose hardscaping?

Hardscaping in Las Vegas is a better choice than having natural, green lawns. However, Hardscaping can look elegant and smooth when it’s done right. Clean & Green is your best choice for your hardscaping needs. We are right there with you every step of the way! We are a trustworthy team of professionals who seriously take our clients’ needs. We do quality work and make sure our communication is top-notch!

Why choose Clean &Green?

  • We are a professional team

  • Honesty and integrity make up our foundation.

  •  Excellent customer service is our top priority

Why is hardscaping a good idea?

Saves you water

The most precious element in the desert is water! Natural lawns use up too much water, whereas hardscapes don’t require water. Clean & Green is certified to replace your functional lawn with rocks, install patios, fire pits, etc. When you add hardscaping to your landscape, you choose to make a difference for the better. The state of Nevada is constantly trying to come up with water-saving solutions. You can do your part by choosing more eco-friendly hardscape designs.

It is cost efficient!

Patios, fire pits, rocks, and other hardscapes can be cheaper and motivate you to spend more time outdoors. When it’s not too hot outside, of course. Clean & Green is the team for you when you consider getting hardscapes installed. We install them correctly and safely, so there is no harsh effect on our fragile environment.

What are the types of eco-friendly hardscapes?


A popular option for replacing natural landscapes is to install rocks. Rocks are cost-efficient, and there is a variety of unique designs. When installed, you don’t have to worry about the health of native trees. Installing rocks doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals- it’s a matter of placing them in the ground, so they don’t move. Clean & Green has experience installing rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Roks do not require any watering, maintenance, or mowing, making them the perfect forms of hardscaping in your landscape.

Paver patio flooring

Paver patios are unique patios that are pieced together with tile-like concrete sections. They fit together like tile and can be designed in unique ways. These are perfect patios for Las Vegas because the natural desert ground acts like a sealant. Paver patios increase your home value as well as your curb appeal. They are desirable and look unique, plus the installation is much easier than a solid slab of concrete. This patio style is a more excellent option because it’s not nearly as thick as a solid patio. It allows heat to rise off it quickly.

Are you looking for a new look for your backyard? Want to add more natural elements to your landscape and still save water? Clean & Green is the trustworthy team you are seeking! Call Clean & Green, and we will provide you with a free estimate. We handle your needs, so you don’t have to.

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