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How do you benefit from a fire pit?

Fire pits add relaxing elements to your landscape. Clean & Green installs the fire pit safely and correctly because we have the experience. Fire pits can be excellent hardscaping tools, but they are still fire that requires safety protocols. We make sure each client knows exactly what they agree to do. Fire pits require a lot of safety before, during, and after each use. It takes a lot of responsibility when you have a fire pit.

Why choose Clean &Green?

  • We are a strong, professional team
  • Quality work is our foundation
  • We thrive on excellent customer service

Why is a fire pit important?

Adds home value

Fire pits add home value because they are the ultimate desired tool. Fire pits are fun to use and spend time with family and friends. Clean & Green is highly qualified to install fire pits for your enjoyment. Fire pits already installed when you buy a home adds an extra element of relaxation and desire for the potential buyer. They start to picture themselves spending cool nights by the warm fire, roasting marshmallows, or sitting around talking with friends.

Keep fire contained

Fire pits’ sole purpose is to keep fire in a contained and safe spot. However, fire can be dangerous when it spreads. Nevada is a dry and arid state, so all it takes is a fly-away spark, and disaster strikes! Clean & Green goes the extra mile to ensure all our clients and their landscaping elements are safe! Nevada is dry enough, don’t set it aflame. That doesn’t help anyone and causes problems for you too. Fire safety is paramount!

How do you benefit from a fire pit?

Relaxation station

Fire pits offer a sense of relaxation for those who listen to the fire crackling and enjoy the blanket of warmth. The fire still allows you to watch the night sky for those who enjoy stargazing. The amount of light the fire gives off it’s not enough to pollute the night sky. Clean & Green is all about hard work, so you can enjoy the time off to sit and enjoy the quiet. A lot of stress goes into other aspects of your landscape, and this one at least is helpful in more categories than one.

Let the pros handle it

With something as safety-critical as a fire pit, it’s best to let the professionals like Clean & Green handle it. Because we are certified to build the structure safely and correctly, but also because, on a personal level, we know who could be enjoying the fire. We want all individuals involved to have a unique and safe experience.

Would you like to add a fire pit to your landscape? Want to add more natural elements to your landscape in a safe way? Clean & Green is the trustworthy team you are seeking! Call Clean & Green, and we will provide you with a free estimate. We handle your installation needs, so you don’t have to.

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