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What is included in our artificial turf services?

There will be times when regular grass lawns or landscape space doesn’t cut it, and your professional team needs to step in to offer a different solution. Artificial turf has been proven to be a suitable substitute for regular grass, especially in desert areas that are struggling for water, to begin with. We can evaluate the land you have, remove the grass, prepare the base (meaning the soil beneath the current grass), compact the base, then start custom fitting the turf to your lawn!

Why choose Clean & Green for your landscape services?

  • We’re not afraid to do the right thing for our customers
  • We offer certified water-smart contracting
  • You’ll receive high-quality landscape services every time
  • You get free maintenance after 90 days over 30K

What does good artificial turf do for your home or property?

Saves money on your water bills

There are so many ways you can do your part to save water where it needs to be – both inside your home and out. For example, adding artificial turf to your landscape decreases the amount of water used to water your lawn, which can be used elsewhere!

Provides “permanent” perfect lawn

As a homeowner, we know you’d like your home to look as picture-perfect as possible, as often as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of that with natural grass, as there are many diseases that can negatively affect it. On the other hand, artificial turf keeps its lovely appearance, always looking beautiful!

Makes maintenance so much easier

Some things have to be touched up around your lawn from time to time – things like trimming trees, replacing mulch, pruning plants, or repairing hardscaping. Artificial turf removes a significant element from that routine, saving you time and money that would have to be paid.

What are some important things to remember about artificial turf?

A single lawn can make a huge difference

A standard residence’s lawn size can be broken down to about 750 square feet – that’s a lot of grass to water all year. However, with artificial turf installation, you could be saving approximately 22,000 gallons of water per year for just one lawn! Imagine what more lawns can save!

If you have pets, this is the movie for you

Those of us who have pets understand the maintenance and cleanup of owning them. It’s not a fun job and certainly not a pretty-smelling one. So, if you have artificial turf on your landscape instead of grass, it will help to neutralize pet waste odors!

Are you unsure of how the process of artificial turf works? Do you want to make big changes to your landscape? The team at Clean & Green is ready to make a difference in your landscape – the right way!

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