How Do I Conserve Water In Las Vegas?

Viva Las Vegas! Our bright light city’s gonna set your soul (gonna set your soul) on fire. But the sun here has almost the same effect on your landscape.

That is why SNWA conversions are now mandatory by 2026. But, of course, that means no non-functional turf by that time. But, of course, if you have a residential lawn that is considered functional (according to the regulation’s definition, at least), that doesn’t mean you have no interest in saving water!

So can you get help saving water in Las Vegas? There are many ways, and they all start by contacting a water-smart contractor like CGL.

So You Want to Save Some Water?

As the climate changes, areas like ours will suffer some of the worst effects of it as deserts get dryer. So we all do our part in conservation. That’s why the Southwest Nevada Water Authority (or SNWA) has mandated that all non-functional turf be converted to desert landscaping.

Non-functional turf is any grass in public or commercial spaces, hence our earlier reference to lawns being considered functional. But the regulation will stay the same, and many homeowners want to get ahead of that change.

Other homeowners just want to do their part or are trying to take advantage of the benefits of SNWA conversions.

What Are the Benefits of SNWA Conversions?SNWA conversions in Las Vegas Nevada

The main benefit of SNWA conversions is communal and environmental. Of course, saving water helps the desert world around you. But there are also some more practical, dare we say, selfish benefits to a conversion.

Save Money

First of all, converting your landscape saves you time and labor. It takes work to transform a desert into a grassland. And that work takes money!

Keeping up grass in a dry climate takes a lot of water and maintenance. The water is why the SNWA instituted the mandate in the first place. Trees are essential to our ecosystem, so the SNWA wanted water to go to them first.

But saving water also saves you money and makes you money!

Even though SNWA conversions are optional for homeowners, you can still take advantage of that sweet rebate check! In addition, the SNWA is giving $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with desert landscaping. That’s not bad for something that will save you money too!

Easier Upkeep

As mentioned, trying to grow grass in a desert setting takes work and money. So, you’ll get some time back by not worrying about your grass anymore since desert landscaping takes very little upkeep, at least if you live in the desert.

Hou You Save Water – SNWA Conversions and MoreSNWA conversions in Las Vegas Nevada

You can save water with a combination of changed habits and changing habitats. When changing your habitat, it’s vital to contact a water-smart contractor like CGL. We will make changes that don’t just check a box but make improvements.

Converting to Artifical Turf

One of the easiest materials to maintain is artificial turf. Artificial turf still gives you the effect of a lawn, providing the now-expected green carpet that welcomes you home. However, unlike natural grass, it always stays the same, never needs to be mowed or fertilized, and only needs an occasional rinse.

It’s vital to hire someone with experience to convert to artificial turf since doing so improperly can lead to the rare water you receive away from your trees.

Converting to Desert Plants

If you prefer to have something alive growing in your yard, look no further than the natural world around you for inspiration. Many species of cacti and other succulents thrive in the desert of Las Vegas.

Adding More Abiotic Features

Abiotic, as you may have guessed from the root, “bio” means non-living. When done right, adding stones and hardscaping to your landscape can be beautiful and an excellent way to conserve water. But, like anything, haphazardly doing it can create problems, so always hire a licensed professional.

Installing an Irrigation System

If you choose to keep your grass and want it to remain healthy, one of the best ways to do so while also saving water is by installing an irrigation system. Contrary to popular belief, irrigation systems save you water and money because when we water manually, we tend to need to get it right. Irrigation takes out the guesswork.

Change can be scary, especially when it’s outside of your control. But with guidance from a water-smart contractor like CGL, you can make affect the world around you and your own home in a positive way, saving water, saving money, and beautifying your world.